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Donald Louch Musical Autobiography: Podcast

Donald Louch Musical Autobiography

In the development of my music preferences, I have been listening to music by way of radio, being on social media, and other music services. I have tried to listen to a diverse range of genres. However, I find my way to one genre. By this, here are my top 10 picks that represent my music preference.

Musical Preference

“WHAT IF YOU FELL IN LOVE?” by Jake Miller

I was first exposed to Jake when he released his song “First Flight Home” in 2014 on YouTube. I’ve since been following him on YouTube. The song “WHAT IF YOU FELL IN LOVE” was his second single off of his most recent album BASED ON A TRUE STORY. When I first heard, the song I instantly fell in love with it.

“Trust Issues” by Tyler Shamy

I can’t remember where I heard this song or even of Tyler. I think it may have been in my playlist, New Music Mix, which Apple generates every week based on your musical taste. All that I know when I hear the song all that I can do is just jam and sing along to it!

“Love No More” by Loud Luxury & anders

I first heard this song on the radio and thought it had an interesting sound to it and something that I could bop too. With that, I thought it was a must-have song to go with my collection.

“Make It Right” by Box of Beats

I first came across this song when I was in the organization team for the 10th annual Vancouver Island Leadership Conference and when we picked up Brandon (Box of Beats) from the Airport. He handed each of us on the team his EP and ever since I have enjoyed the song.

“Love's Just a Feeling” by Lindsey Stirling

Similar to Jake Miller’s song, I’ve been a long time fan of Lindsey, and have been following her on YouTube for many years. When it was time of the production of Brave Enough, there was a campaign in which I supported. Thus, in turn, I got to hear this song early before the release date and since love to listen to it whenever I can.

“Shut Up and Dance” by WALK THE MOON

Similar to the Loud Luxury & anders song, I first heard this song on the radio and thought it also a must-have song for my collection.

“Woohoo” by Raghav

I heard this song on the radio and enjoyed it. Before this song, I’ve heard of Raghav. I even saw him in concert and thus knew this was going to be a great song. I have since played this song so much that I think I can say this is one of my most played songs.

“Pompeii” by Bastille

I’m not sure where I first heard this song? I know this was my first exposer to the artist/band of Bastille. I do feel like this is a great “road trip” song and that I’ve listened to this song to the point where it would be up in my most played songs.

“Mai Ai Hee (Dragostea Din Tei) [DJ Ross Extended Remix]” by O-Zone

I'm not sure how I was first exposed to this song as it was several years ago when I was first exposed to it. However, whatever way I was originally exposed to it, re-exposed to me from the video app TikTok  a few years back as a dance trend then turned meme.

“The Getaway” by Hilary Duff

I’ve been a long term fan of Hilary Duff ever since her Lizzy McGuire days. I’ve been to both her concerts that she had in Victoria. The song “The Getaway” has always stuck out to me. From the beat to the lyrics to the dance moves that the background dancers, in which, they used these red fluorescent tubes.

Honourable Mentions

Out of the almost 2,500 songs that I shuffle through, it’s hard to pick just 5 to 10 songs that exemplify my musical taste. Thus, here are some of my musical honourable mentions:

Musical Consistency

One thing that I would say is consistent and seen in all the songs that I’ve chosen from; is that they’re all upbeat and fast-paced pop music. They have a range of meanings in the lyrics but have links to relationships. Another element would be that they all have an effect on my emotion and gets me up and dance, sing along (in my head), and effectively jam out.

Technology Influence

One thing that I’ve noticed most of these songs have very dark/unhappy lyrics. However, due to the instrumentals and emotion in the vocals, it creates this happy and upbeat message. Thus, I think the technology being used, be it drums, piano, guitar, vocals, background vocals, Loop Stations, etc. it creates a different experience and effect on the music.


The use of radio, social media, algorithms on the side of Apple Music, and other avenues have brought me to my musical taste. This taste is further fostered through my peers and popular culture. The main music that I listen to is Top 40/Pop or what’s popular. Although with that being said, I’ve noticed that I’ve started to see the shift to more of the older Top 40/Pop music, in which I listen to as I'm finding, the new popular music which is now primarily rap and is a genre in which I’m not a fan of.


As stated above, the culture I get from the music, in which I listen to is more of the culture behind relationships. When I first started listening to this music, I didn’t have the understanding or grasp of the topic, thus, appreciating the music as music. However, as I’ve gotten older and more exposed to the world, I’ve been able to experience these meanings behind these songs. With this, when I first started listening to music, I had completely different cultural exposer, now I do have some of the exposers.

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